Sourcing for garments, textiles, trims and accessories used to be complex, costly and inefficient. With SUNDAR, the creative process becomes seamless, efficient and real-time.

SUNDAR is building the world’s largest discovery and sourcing platform connecting fashion brands with manufacturers and suppliers of textiles, trims, components and specialist services, enabling in minutes what used to take weeks and months to accomplish.

Borne out of the industry demand for faster speed-to-market, near daily demand for new product, the requirement for more flexible sourcing relationships and planning, and real-time trend data based on actual customer behavior – SUNDAR is transforming the fashion supply chain by fusing sourcing with technology to deliver resources and tools that realize creativity, enhance productivity and improve profitability.

Creative process innovation within the business of fashion has been ignored, and the designer has not been served in the same way as the consumer – until now.

Discover. Source. Create.

Materials and components are core to realizing an aesthetic vision. Sundar not only makes it easy to discover and source what was previously highly disconnected or even obscure, it reduces the cost of sourcing by putting businesses in direct contact with suppliers, streamlining processes and saving time and money.


Increased operational efficiency

Sundar’s platform operates in real time to streamline discovery, sampling, sourcing and its tools improve collaboration between material research, design and production teams.

Higher Margins

Working directly with factories can shave costs to realize critical margin improvement. Fewer internal resources are required to resource and manage materials and components sourcing. Obviates the need to invest in high cost overseas infrastructure and excessive trade show travel.

Creative Advantage

With instant access to the most comprehensive universe of creative assets, design vision and ideas easily transform to production reality.

Speed to market

All aspects of Sundar are built to improve velocity and speed production cycles. From real-time access to components and suppliers, collaboration tools and accurate logistic data, Sundar is committed to making business smarter, faster, better.


Juxtaposing over a decade of international finance and banking experience with fashion industry acumen, Founder and CEO Jag Gill ideated and developed the SUNDAR platform at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where innovation and creativity is embedded in its DNA.

SUNDAR is the fusion of the founder’s personal journey; from working with some of the most eminent Indian industrialists and families in the textile and apparel sector, to the most humble and hidden artisans in the tiny villages of Rajasthan and the Himalayan foothills, to the corridors of the world’s eminent design and engineering school where the concept took a global scope and an approach incorporating innovation, design and digital principles and best practices.

From the Hindi Sanskrit meaning “beautiful”, SUNDAR’s ethos spans technology as a tool for storytelling, empowerment and enablement; preservation of the “savoir faire” of craftsmanship and fine handwork, and creating a local-global community of creativity.


Founded by a dynamic team of innovators across fashion, technology and commerce, SUNDAR was incubated at MIT and Techstars, the world’s #1 technology accelerator.

Our global team has dedicated years of local expertise to pinpoint suppliers and manufacturers internationally as we build, market by market, a global sourcing ecosystem for fashion creatives, executives and entrepreneurs.

With the collaboration of major venture investors (including the backers of Moda Operandi, Houzz, and Gilt) in Palo Alto, Hong Kong, Bangalore and New York, we’ve engaged the best engineers and interface designers in NYC to re-imagine the fashion supply chain and build our platform’s experience.